Permanent Holiday Lighting

Permanent Holiday Lighting and Christmas Light Installation

Bright Services offers permanent holiday lighting installation!  Permanent architectural LED lighting is a system that provides a permanent installation of forward facing lighting and color changing lighting.  With a single installation, you can enjoy roof lighting all year round and for any occasion.  The one time installation is designed to avoid the annual installation and take down of Christmas Lighting.

Permanent Holiday Lighting allows for enjoyment all year round and removes the reality of putting up lights during the holidays and then having to take them down.  No more tangled mess and working from a ladder!  Stay safe this year and spend more time with family and friends.

Bright Services is proud to be installing the latest in permanent holiday lighting.  Our partner has created a state of the art system with that is second to none and on the cutting edge of technology.  The system is weatherproof and requires little to no annual maintenance.

Permanent Decorative Digital Lighting

Our permanent holiday lighting options range from RGB technology installed commercially to permanent outdoor Christmas roof lighting for a residential home.  In addition to the installation of the lighting, we also can program light shows and special event shows.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

What does RGB stand for?

  • RGB stands for “Red, Green, Blue”.  The combination of these three primary colors create a vast color spectrum.  A specific bulb can have each color (Red, Green and Blue) be electronically programmed in order to show a specific color.  The spectrum for each color is from 0 (off) to 255 (full brightness).  So for example, if you want pure Bright Red the color code for the RGB light would be 255,0,0.  Red having full brightness of 255 and Green/Blue being off.

What are LED strips?  

What are common applications for your services?

  • Exterior commercial fascia lighting.  country clubs, resorts, hotels, municipality, restaurants.
  • Exterior residential home roof fascia lighting, gazebo lighting, patio’s, pools.
  • Interior Commercial Decor – Restaurants, crown molding, water parks, hotel ambiance.
  • Interior Residential – Under cabinet lighting, over cabinet lighting, picture frames, basements, entertainment rooms.

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