Interior Decor

Interior Holiday and Special Event Decorating

Compliment your exterior lighting and décor with a professionally designed and installed interior!  Treat your family and guests this year with a beautifully decorated interior and exterior house or business.

Bright Services specializes in both interior and exterior lighting and décor.  The holidays are busy enough, let us take the decorating off your to do list.  For commercial applications, we are able to be that resource for both your interior and exterior needs.

We are able to provide for both large scale installations and also installations that require a single installer.  We encourage our clients to be a part of our design process.  In addition, our design consultants can also document a scope of work if we are to install according to your exact specs and wishes.

Partners: We partner with a variety of others in the industry in order to provide you with professional service in conjunction with the services we offer.  Bella B Home is a partner that assists with interior decor and design.  More information on Bella B Home can be found on their site – Bella B Home.

Contact us today at 215-357-3058 for a free consultation.  For more information about our exterior decorating and holiday light installation service, visit our Holiday Lighting page.  We look forward to working with you in providing an event to remember!