Holiday Lighting Question and Answer:

Question:  Why should I use a professional company to install my holiday lights on my home?

  • Answer:  The holiday’s are a time to be spending time with family and friends.  Let a company that installs lights and greenery for a living do it for you while you enjoy the peace of mind that the job will be completed professionally and safely.  Annually there are unfortunate slips and falls from both ladders and roofs during the holiday’s.  We are in the business to prevent these accidents and keep the holiday’s filled with joy and celebration.

Question:  When should I have my lights installed?

  • Answer:  Lights can be installed early in the season when the weather allows for a smoother installation and less brittle tree’s and shrubbery.  With an early installation you can ensure the lights are installed to your satisfaction and can be later turned on and set to a timer.


Popular Additional Decorations:

During the evening and night hours, holiday lighting looks beautiful and creates joy!  A great way to add to the holiday spirit is the installation of greenery and decorations to help continue to spread that joy throughout the daytime hours as well.

Product Common Locations Lights or No Lights Details
Garland Over business entrance or front door entrance to your home. Garland can be lit or not lit.  The most common is lit garland. A high quality garland should be full looking and have a large tip count.
Wreaths Above Entrances, Gable Peaks, Suspended on Porches, Above Garage Doors and Around or Under Entrance Lights. Wreaths can be lit or not lit.  Wreaths are also typically installed with a bow.  The most common colors are red and gold.  Other colors available upon request. Sizes can come in 24″, 36″, 48″, 60″ and 72″.  Larger sizes available upon request.
Planters Either side of an entrance to add great visual appeal and décor. Typically they are not lit, however up-lighting or lights can be installed on or near them. Sizes will vary depending on the location of where they are to be installed.
Figurines and Exterior Decorations Trees, Sides of Buildings, Indoors, Entrances, Foyers Lights can be installed. A wide variety of decorations and figurines are available.